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After the sudden loss of his fiancée Emma, Matt becomes obsessed with finding life after death.  When he visits a GH5 it soon becomes clear that the paranormal is real and Matts obsession has now become a night of deceit, loss and survival.

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Synopsis: Trevor Night, a young Paranormal Investigator who is passionate about finding a GH5, begins to lose sight of what he really loves in his life, his family.  Desperate to find a GH5 his search becomes a reality, but quickly realizes that there is more to life then death and his search for the paranormal has quickly turned into a quest of survival to save his family.  The prequel to GH5, witness the beginning in this new psychological thriller from the mind and vision of filmmaker CJ Goodwyn.

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Davy's Last Song

Synopsis- In the early 1800's four business men hire escorts to take them to Texas to explore the opportunities of starting a new life and bringing business to Texas.  Their dreams quickly turn into a nightmare when they are attacked by the Comanche Indians tuning their opportunity of a new life into a story of survival.

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