I think one of the things that is really great about working with CJ Goodwyn is that he welcomes in almost every way my full and eclectic imagination, even to the point of humoring an idea and getting just as excited about a concept as I do.

CJ understands the delicate balance of all the many elements of creating a film from concept, to the big screen, and will wear many hats and work harder then anyone involved in order to accomplish his vision, as his passion outshines any existence of ego.

As a composer, you really have to trust your director. There is a great sense of trust and a great sense of balance that CJ brings, even to the composing process. Have that type of camaraderie in this industry is invaluable.

-Frank Williams

Our Vision

A company that provides the option for all artist's to show case their talents and be part of the film industry.  A place of learning and networking to better your career.  A place where stories are brought to life, sent to festivals, and then distributors, giving you a chance to get your name noticed in the industry. Passion, dedication and teamwork is how TriGoodwyn Production succeeds and our door is always open for new and existing talent. 

Our Story

CEO founder CJ Goodwyn wanted to create a company where anyone could have the opportunity and the learning tools to be part of the film industry.  A place where new artist can get started or where existing artist can sharpen their skills. Too many doors are closed on amazing talent in this industry and CJ wanted the opposite.  A place where the door would never close on you and the company would always find a job for you on one of the film projects here at TriGoodwyn Productions.  If you're passionate, dedicated, and love film we want to hear from you and make you part of the team.  

Join the Team

Come join CJ and his quest to build a company built on passion, dedication, and teamwork.

CJ Goodwyn

Cj Goodwyn