Screenwriters Producer/Director

Invest in the company or a specific film.  Direct a feature length film or a short film.  Have your script brought to life on the big screen or be given a story to create a script.

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Cinematographer/ Editor/ Gaffer

Shoot a film through your eyes, bring the story to life in the editing room or oversee lighting every scene of a film.  Being a cinematographer, editor or a gaffer are very important tools to bringing a film to life and we are always in search of new talent.

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Actor/Sound Editor/Film Crew

Step into the role of a lifetime, help create the sound of your dreams, or help imagine a whole new world with us.

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TriGoodwyn Productions

We at TriGoodwyn Productions have a simple goal in mind. Create an environment for anyone to be able to tell their story. It's that simple.

Believe in yourself, if you have the drive, passion, determination and know you can make it in this industry and all you need is a chance?  I'm telling you now we are that chance, visit the website, reach out to the CEO and you'll find we are different, we want to help build your career, we want to make great films, we want you to join the team.

There is room for anyone and any talent here at TriGoodwyn Productions. From Writing and Directing to Sound and Editing. Share your skill with us and we can tell a story together.



I've seen this production company do things their first time trying that other production companies haven't accomplished with multiple projects. I definitely believe that TriGoodwyn Productions is going to be prove themselves a force to be reckoned with.

- Les Best

It was an amazing experience working with a crew that's dedicated to their craft. GH5 is awesome!

- Rosana Segura